Dr Jack Zhai

President & Founder

Business Development and Strategic Alliances

Dr. Ye Zhai is an entrepreneur specialized in therapeutic antibody development and cell therapy development including stem cell. He has proven track record of value creation with private companies and publicly traded Fortune 500 companies such as Millipore, Invitrogen, and Applied Biosystems, focusing on business development, dealmaking, strategic planning, sales & marketing and business operations with various leadership roles.

Dr. Zhai currently serves as senior advisors for a number of life science and biopharmaceutical companies that are dedicated on the development of therapeutic biologics or biologics CDMO services. Before serving as this role, Dr. Zhai served as an executive at a private biotech company focusing on human primary cells development, where he was responsible for global business development and sales & marketing.

He received PhD at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the cell and molecular biology and completed Hooper Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship with cancer genomics research at the University of California, San Francisco. In addition, Dr. Zhai has involved in scientific community service serving as the Vice President of the International Chinese Stem Cell Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting stem cell research and education http://www.icscf.org/web/management.php and assisted on regulatory agency for development of policies and regulations on stem cell therapy.

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